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About Us

The Organization

AdeGrange Child Foundation

AdeGrange Child Foundation is an NGO that is committed to addressing the challenges of children and women of Africa through strategic interventions and advocacy. It was registered in 2009; after the review of a lot of several targeted health programmes and much planning. Ade Grange Child Foundation is setting out with numerous initiatives that will be of great value towards promoting child and maternal health in Africa.
For the mothers, we think of their health, but for the children, we think not only of their health but about the totality of their development. We are committed to see this happen at the grassroot level.

We Think Grassroot . . .

At AdeGrange, we are very concerned about getting our programmes to the grassroot so that the last child on the lane can have access to our programmes. Since we cannot reach everywhere, we shall be doing great advocacy to promote grassroot activities amongst NGOs.

Founder's Passion:

Prof. Adenike Grange has made global impact not only in child and maternal health but generally in public health. She is a seasoned leader with professional and leadership experiences of over forty years in paediatrics. There are lots of aspirations and dreams Professor Grange has for the African child and the children of the world in general and she wants to see it come to reality.
It is in a bid to transfer knowledge and as well share her wealth of experience and aspirations with the world especially in the area of maternal and child health that led to the establishment of Adegrange Child Foundation.

Our Objectives:

Our objectives are at two levels of our programmes strategy.
Direct Intervention:

  • To reduce child morbidity and mortality at the grassroot.

  • To provide free basic medical assistance to vulnerable children at the grassroot.

  • To provide care and support service for orphans and children affected with terminal diseases.

  • To involve the youths in all our programmes as the change agents.

  • Education, Guidance and Counseling of parents and guardians.


  • To improve standard of leaving and quality of life of the less privileged children.

  • To promote and ensure effective implementation of policies that will improve the standard of living of children, women and the youth generally.

  • To protect children from abuse, exploitation and violence.

  • To use entertainment creatively as an advocacy tool to promote the development of children and young people.


To work with many partners (locally and internationally) to promote and achieve good healthcare and ensuring security of mothers and children in Africa and the rest of the world.

Our Vision


A world of healthy mothers and well-raised children who in turn will become responsible adults to continue the legacy of properly raising children laid down for them.

Our Vision for Africa:

We see four areas that must be highly reduced in Africa, therefore we see Africa:

  • Of highly reduced maternal and child mortality rate.
  • Of highly reduced poverty of money and information.
  • Of highly reduced violence against women and children
  • Of highly reduced child abuse and exploitation.

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