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About Us

Our History

Our Inspiration

The Chairman of the Foundation, Professor Adenike Grange, a pediatrician by profession, had her medical degree in the United Kingdom in the early sixties. She had undergone a clinical clerkship for a brief period at the University College Hospital, Ibadan; this was where she first experienced agony and torture at the sight of so many vulnerable children who were suffering from preventable diseases. Henceforth, she began to demonstrate a bias for the specialization that deals with the management and prevention of ill-health in children.
Subsequently, after specializing in Paediatrics, she gained considerable experience in global child health through her prolonged involvement in child health programmes which were supported by governments, non-governmental organisations and various international agencies.
Thus, Adegrange Child Foundation was born out of the need to give back to society her knowledge, skills and experience that will help to make a difference in improving the life of children and their mothers. By so doing, it will help to build a healthy and promising future for this generation and several generations to come. This foundation is standing in gap for the less privileged children in our society in order to ensure that they experience a better future.

At AdeGrange Child Foundation we believe that:
Children are a group in the society that can easily be taken for granted; they are easily exploited and robbed of the potential to become useful citizens.

The quality of adults that we have in any society is an eloquent testimony of the type of care and upbringing they had as children. If the children aren't properly taken care of, they grow up to become irresponsible and uncaring adults. The ultimate question is: "How will these adults take care of the next generation?"
Thus, central to the programmes of AdeGrange Child Foundation is the principle that To care for children is a collective responsibility.


To work with many partners (locally and internationally) to promote and achieve good healthcare and ensuring security of mothers and children in Africa and the rest of the world.

Our Vision


A world of healthy mothers and well-raised children who in turn will become responsible adults to continue the legacy of properly raising children laid down for them.

Our Vision for Africa:

We see four areas that must be highly reduced in Africa, therefore we see Africa:

  • Of highly reduced maternal and child mortality rate.
  • Of highly reduced poverty of money and information.
  • Of highly reduced violence against women and children
  • Of highly reduced child abuse and exploitation.

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