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AdeGrange Child Foundation currently operates two international offices in the United States and Lagos, Nigeria.
Our Programs in these regions are directed towards a reduction in child morbidity and mortality, provision of free basic medical assistance to vulnerable children, and protection of children against abuse, exploitation and violence.

In the US, the aim of AdeGrange Child Foundation is to identify organizations whose objectives align closely with ours and explore mutually beneficial partnership opportunities that will help achieve those objectives.

For almost a decade, the terrorist groups and ethnic militias in Nigeria have been unleashing untold atrocities on innocent civilian populations mostly in the Northern and South-Eastern part of the country, but the effect of these attacks have resonated throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria. The worst victims of these attacks have been women and children, many of whom have suffered life threatening violent attacks, sexual abuse, torture, forced labor, displacement and sometimes death. There is a lot of work required to rebuild the lives of those who managed to survive these attacks and AdeGrange Child Foundation is committed to ensuring that these children and their care-givers have hope of a better future by implementing our 6-Point Action Plan within their communities.

Our work focuses on identifying and reaching out to the less privileged and most vulnerable children in our communities. We work to ensure that these children are catered for in a sustainable way. In order to give these children and their care-givers a hope for a better future, we feed, clothe, nurture, train, guide and counsel them in line with our 6-Point Action Plan.

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