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Written by Obehi IlenikhenaPosted on 24-07-2019

Volunteering at Lincoln Park Community Services Center was special treat for AdeGrange Child Foundation Senior Staffs. As a form of team building, but also a way to being more proactive within the community, the Senior Staffs of AdeGrange decided to dedicate their Saturday afternoon preparing lunch for the homeless that use the services of Lincoln Park Community Services Center. Upon entering the center, the staffs were greeted by friendly smiles and waves, as they noticed volunteers moving boxes, clearing out packages filled with clothes, canned food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, etc. The staffs were given a quick tour and a quick history of the center.

The clean facility was set with a comfortable lounge area that had a gaming station, TV area, and a computer station. Curious, a staff member inquired about the programs the center conducts and the receptionist simply explained that the facility empowers individuals facing homelessness either from domestic violence, down on their luck, or displaced military veterans, by assisting in providing secure stable housing and adjusting to a minimal lifestyle.

One misconception about a soup kitchen is that the services make food for people that are hungry. However, that was not the case the staffs encountered as they noticed a woman enter the center asking the receptionist for a login access because she had a job application to complete online. As the tour continued, the tour guide educated the staffs about the type of soup kitchen program this particular center operated. In essence, there are different organizations that come in on scheduled days and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for recipients. Each organization or group of people have to provide the meals, however, the center open up their kitchen and necessary tools to make the meals.

Though, this is not the first time for the Senior Staffs of AdeGrange to do any form of community service as they all are Public Health Practitioners, however, this was the first time for the staffs to bond as a team outside of work and find ways of which the organization can extend its services within local communities. Just seeing how the center functioned, the staffs are inclined to extend the types of community services that would be provided to similar community centers which can range from providing hot lunch to clothing drive every quarter.

"As someone who is not from Jamaica, this meal reminds me of my auntie's cooking from Jamaica-" Lincoln Park Community Services Center Rehabilitation Recipient.

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