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Written by Obehi IlenikhenaPosted on 13-07-2019

This year has been an exciting year to say the least for Adegrange Child Foundation (ACF). After our first successful program (Peer-to-Peer Dialogue) in the summer of 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria, we quietly struck a chord with an organization called Young Shapers Club (YSC), in which the mission of YSC is strongly focused on providing quality education to vulnerable children. With an all-inclusive mission of bridging the gap, YSC seeks out to provide mentorship, scholarships and educational materials, in addition, to education the young about their health, nutrition and environmental safety. Under the UN SDG's goal 4: Quality Education , ACF goal is to make sure that children who are not fortunate have an opportunity to become educated. We believe that every child, despite of, should be given an opportunity to have good educational structure that is based on developing their knowledge at a foundational stage. We also believe that every child should have a safe environment in which they can truly function among their peers, higher authorities and in society at large.
With this in mind, AdeGrange Child Foundation is glad to partner with an organization that is making a solid stand in providing quality education, mentorship, scholarships and serves as a bridge in order to provide a hopeful future for children. Thank you Young Shapers Club!

It is with great pleasure, that our very own CEO and Founder of Adegrange Child Foundation, Dr. Adenike Grange (MB.CHB; DCH; FMCPaed; FWACP; FAAP (Hon) , received an award from the Communique of the Conference of the Pediatric Association of Nigeria for her role as a plenary chair in the International Pediatrics Association (IPA). As the first African woman President in the IPA, Dr. Adenike, was recognized for her distinguished role in Global Child Health and International Pediatrics. Based in Abuja, Nigeria, the conference addressed various issues such as:
- Poor funding of healthcare system in Nigeria;
- Neonatal mortality and morbidity rates and;
- Inequalities and Inequities affecting children with lack of access to good nutrition, quality education, healthcare, safe drinking water and protection from abuse, exploitation and poverty.

As the former Minister of Health, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Grange seeks to use her Public Health background as well as her extensive knowledge in Pediatrics to push forward the goals of advancing child health, through research, education, policy development and establishing evidence-based public health initiatives. A former Consultant in Child Health and Reproductive Health Program to the Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria, WHO, UNICEF, USAID and UNFPA, Prof. Grange is not ready to slow down as she has continuously engages her knowledge and skills in AdeGrange Child Foundation which will serve as a tool to betterment the overall health goals targeted for specific audiences, mostly children and women.

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