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Obehi Ilenikhena - Content Developer

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Obehi was born in Nigeria and shortly after, relocated with her family to the US. Having her own fair share of life experience with her mum's health and doctors misdiagnoses in Nigeria, she realized that Nigeria needed a healthcare system that cared for the outcome of the people. Though, it took her six years to realize her calling, but she found it. Currently, she is concentrating in Global Health and Water Quality in the division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. She is also working with an interim professor in the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences division in water quality.

She was opportune to intern in Western Kenya with Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP), where she's conducting research on how to provide clean and accessible water to remote areas in Western Kenya. With her vast interest in public health issues, she has been working with the Adegrange Child Foundation as a Content Creator. She is also involved in numerous volunteer activities geared to benefit communities and raise awareness about health.

She plans on starting a consulting firm in Nigeria where she collaborate with communities on how to provide clean accessible and safe water as well as work with the youths in Nigeria on Self-Development and starting a foundation that helps motherless children and widows. However, since Adegrange focuses on those aspects, she wants to join hands with Adegrange to make its mission and values become more attainable. Her goal is simple: make their voices be heard. Her life's vision is "Life is without God is nothing." Hence, what she seeks to attain needs to have God's approval in order to move forward, regardless of whatever she is doing. She is passionate to give a voice to people that are not heard. However, without forcing her ideology on others, she seeks for their approval to be their advocate, so that their stories can be heard without being stigmatized and subjected. This is one reason of her interest in Adegrange and she hopes to grow with the Foundation.

Obehi sees her parents to be her best advocate and mentors. She sees how they go above and beyond to help those around them. Their modesty is what she emulates and hopes to be like them, even better. Her favorite quote by Maya Angelou, "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

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Adenike Grange - Founder/President

Blessing Nwachukwu - Coordinator

Deborah Omolola - Financial Advisor

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