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Our Core Activities

Youth Empowerment

Young people need models, not critics... John Wooden

Mission: To reduce poverty of money and information

Empowering the youth with skills and appropriate sources of information will be the main strategy employed for this program in order to improve their decision-making competence. In a bid to create the right environment for the next generation, the need to empower the successive generation is important. We therefore have created some strategic youth empowerment initiatives that aim towards financial freedom and leadership development.

Support for Direct Preventive Services

Immunization and Nutrition education can make a huge difference to the survival and development of children from birth to the age of 14 years. We shall therefore partner with other organizations in order to enlarge our educational activities in these areas.

Our Projects

We at Adegrange believe in creative approach to our mission. Therefore, our projects are uniquely initiated to widen their scope on demand. We shall through our initiatives, bring new trends into social work.
We have three projects at hand that we are unfolding; the projects are:
1. Tell 1 Campaign
2. Young Global Icons
3. Project Crazy


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